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Form Director - What's cooking on the Year 2019

Form Director - What's cooking on the Year 2019 Happy New Year from Form Director team We have been always pushing ourselves to give our users the best experience and useful features as much as possible. Highlights of the Year 2018 Ability to reprocess their form responses with Form Director Services Introduced new apps: QuickBooks, Google Sheets, Google Slide Improved stability of existing apps: Google Docs, Tasks, Calendar, Contacts Improved User Interface and provided easy navigation Introduced Premium Plans as well as Monthly subscription In the upcoming days of the year 2019, we can assure that the user will get more and more useful features from Form Director  Some of the features and apps that we are going to introduce in early 2019 are Calculated Fields The user can do a variety of standard calculations and custom expressions with their Form responses,  mashing up with predefined data such as Current Date, Time etc. Create Trello