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Databases - Database Browser - Nov 2020

Databases supported in Database Browser!!! Database Browser is a Google GSuite add-on that makes Google Sheet an awesome new way of browsing your database. The Key Features of Database Browser are Manage Connections - Create, test and save connections to databases on the Internet and cloud. Manage Queries - Build, execute, save queries and query results into Google Sheet. Edit - Edit the data in the database directly from Google Sheet and saving into the database.  Types of Databases in Database Browser There are two types of Databases in Database Browser they are  Standard Database Premium Database Standard Database: Standard Databases refer to the most commonly used databases. The standard databases that are supported in Database Browser are MySQL Microsoft SQL Server Oracle Database Google Cloud SQL mLab MongoDB BigQuery Firestore Datastore Premium Database: Premium Databases are not typically connectable from Google Workspace environment using Apps Script. But a special implementat

New Product Release - Form Presenter - May 2020

Introducing Form Presenter!!! Over the past few months, we worked hard and  released a new add-on Form Presenter, a  G Suite editor add-on for Google Forms. What is Form Presenter? Form Presenter is an add-on application for Google G Suite that presents a Google Form with va rious time, audience, action, and presentation controls. Conducting online exams or assessments is simple and fast with Form Presenter. Who needs Form Presenter? If you need to conduct an online assessment and need to track the exam attendee activities online? You are not alone; Form Presenter will help you achieve it. If you are a business person and need to hire persons online/ test your employees' skill level. Then Form Presenter is a lifesaver for you. Form Presenter adds Time Controls, Action Controls, and Presentation Controls to enable your Google Forms to conduct online quiz, tests, assessments and exams. TIME CONTROLS ► Control when to open and close th

Map My Sheet Web application

  Map My Sheet Web application Map My sheet web application is a place where users can find all their previously published maps. This will be very helpful to users as they can find all their previously published maps by a single click.  How to Configure the Web Application Open Map My Sheet web application by using Click on "Sign in with Google" and log in with your Google account. Once login is done all the previously published maps will be displayed in the web application. All the previously published maps with details like the published date will be displayed. Clicking on the View published map will show the published map. Click on Open map info to view the map information. Click on Open Google Sheet to view the spreadsheet with data. Read more details about Map My Sheet web application from Map My Sheet website Contact Us  or write to  for any queries                                                                                    

Lookup Mapping on Form Director

  Lookup Field Mapping What is Lookup Field Mapping? Lookup field mapping allows users to map form fields with data from other external sources.  Lookup Field Type enables the users to look up the Google Sheets data, search and select results from GoogleSsheets based on user entry. Lookup from Google Sheets Select the external source as Google Sheet also select the required spreadsheet tab from where the data needs to be used. Select the range that is required. How configuration is done? Select the lookup conditions required. Mapping consists of Form Field, Lookup Field, Result Field & Default Field. Users can add any number of conditions required. Form Fields refers to the Form field values. Lookup Field refers to the value from the selected spreadsheet lookup column. If all the conditions satisfy then the result field value is the lookup value from the spreadsheet. If none of the conditions satisfies then it will look up to the default value. Check the condition by providing samp

Four years done and marching into 5th year

Four years of making Jivrus Technologies We have completed the fourth year and entering into the fifth year of Jivrus Technologies.  In the fourth year, we enriched existing flagship products  Fillable Document ,  Form Builder , and  Form Director  while continuously levelling up other products like  Database Browser  and  Map My Sheet .  We added three new products ( Sheet Director ,  Cloud Flow Director ,  Content Sense ). All of these products are having strong architecture, solid solutions, user experience, and cloud backbone. If you are on G Suite or GCP or simply have a Gmail account, you should not miss our products. Check-out  our products " Overview of our Product Map "  We have been establishing roots with our products. Being a bootstrapped company, we could manage our cashflow to align with our vision of building and providing awesome software products. " Provide awesome software products worldwide "  is our vision We are constantly listening to our custo

Leapfrog Mail Director into Cloud Flow Director!!!

Migrated to work with Gmail as well as Calendar What is Mail Director and why are we migrating? "Mail Director" is an add-on that allows you to direct your email in Gmail into other G Suite applications like Docs and Sheets. Our users have found it to be valuable in extracting emails into a structured format and using them to further their unique business workflows. Google Cloud has introduced the new G Suite Add-ons framework in which a single add-on can work across Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Drive. And hence, we are migrating Mail Director to support Gmail as well as Calendar (and Drive in future). In the process, we have renamed it to "Cloud Flow Director" as we felt it better represented this new functionality. Intro to Cloud Flow Director " Cloud Flow Director " is an add-on which allows users to direct their email in Gmail and Calendar events into various G Suite apps like Google Sheets, Google Docs, etc.. Cloud Flow Direct