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Introducing Quiz New Feature Launch - Form Builder

Build your Quiz Forms from Google Forms and Google Sheets.
Now you can build Quiz Forms from other Google Forms and Google Sheets. Simply choose the Google Form or Sheet and start importing quiz questions & answers into your form.
You can build your quiz form in two ways Build a new Quiz Form from another Quiz FormBuild a new Quiz Form from Google Sheets
Building Quiz Form from another Quiz Form Consider you have an existing Quiz Forms. And you want to import few or all fields/ questions from that form into another form.

Select source as "Google Form"

Form Builder automatically check the selected form is a quiz or not

Form Builder lists all fields and makes fields/questions available for you. Import individual or Import selectedThat's it, your Quiz Form is ready.

Custom Info Window on Map - Map My Sheet - New Feature Launch

Build Rich Custom Info Window with your Google Sheet data using Map My Sheet
Info Window is a way to display content - both text and images in a popup window on the map, for any given location. Below is a sample of Info Window.

Now with Map My Sheet user can customize What is to be shown in the Info Window How it is formattedYou can configure to show your details from the Google Sheet in the Info Window of Google Map. Also, you can format with the desired color, font and size. The below shows steps to configure Info Window in Map My Sheet
By default, it takes all the columns from Google Sheet as part of the info window.

Formatting properties of info window.
Pick your color

Pick your font

Pick your font size

Using these formatting properties, you can design the Info Window as per your need. The below is the sample Info Window based on the configuration in Map My She

Create records in QuickBooks from your Google Form submission

Tired of keying in vendor data manually into QuickBooks....?  We got a solution for you  !!!  Share a Google form to your vendor to fill their details. Form Director will create an entry of your vendor in QuickBooks    Sounds exciting !!!, follow these simple steps below   Step 1 Create a service in Form Director by choosing QuickBooks as the app and create as the service

Step 2 Authenticate with QuickBooks by Clicking on "Connect to QuickBooks"Authenticate Form Director with QuickBooks for creating Entities (Vendor, Employee, Customer)

Step 3 Choose which entity you want to createEntities that are supported now areVendorCustomerEmployee                     

Step 4 Map your form field with  Entity Fields to store the corresponding form response to the Entity field Step 5

Save your service 

You are all set to direct your form response to QuickBooks. 
Now just go ahead and publish the Google Form with your vendors. The data submitted will automatically land in your QuickBooks account.

Query Cloud Firestore from Google Sheet using Database Browser

You can now connect Google Sheet with Firestore using Database Browser add-on and build query from wizard, execute query and present results directly into Google Sheet. Getting Firestore data into Google Sheet is NO more complicated. 

Users can now just follow the steps below

Step 1: Create a Firestore connection authorized with Google sign-in button.

Step 2: Provide project-id of the Firestore project (refer Google Cloud Console), test and save the connection.

Step 3: Build, Query and Present the results into Google Sheet as normally as you do with any other data sources.

Check more documentation at how it works.
Check out the current list of supported databases by Database Browser.

Reach us with your feedback

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Make your Google Sheet Data as Map - Map My Sheet - Procduct Launch

Map My Sheet is a Google G Suite add-on that provides the easiest way to represent your Google Sheet Data into Map. It constructs maps based on complete address or longitude/latitude with custom markers and animation. 

A simple use case for Map My Sheet is to present your business branches or shops in a map so that people can easily locate. You can just pull 
The Map My Sheet user can

Create and Configure customized MapSave Map  (generates and preserves Geo Coordinates)View Map 
Map Configuration - The below screen shows a sample configuration of map.

View Map - The below screen shows a sample output map.


Check Map My Sheet documentation for detailed documentation.

Direct your Google Form submission to as many as Google Sheets now - New feature launch - Form Director

Form submission to as many as Google Sheets
You being here in this blog means you already know that Google Form supports writing into Google Sheets off-the-shelf. But you may want the form submission to write into multiple Google Sheets and may be with custom column mapping. For example, you want your order form to create an entry in Orders sheet with order details, create an entry in Projects sheet with only project tracking details and create jobs in another sheet. 

Now you can direct your Google Form submission to write into as many as Google Sheets as you want using Form Director add-on. Just create your custom services in Form Director choosing Google Sheets as the application.


1. Choose the App and Service 

2. Choose the Target Google Sheet using Google Picker.

Then continue with standard steps
3. Map Form fields and Google Sheet fields
4. Save and activate Form Director

Now, your form submissions will be directed to the Google Sheets that you have configured.

Form Director also sup…

You have got an email. Expand your business reach - Form Director - New Features

You have got an email.
That is a good news
And that brings you new business.
Expand your business reach.
Collaborate more with your customers, employees, vendors, and any stakeholders of your business by simply opening up a Google Form that does more than what a Google Form does. I mean - power up the Google Form with Form Director add-on, that can direct the submitted data to various applications.

You can now improve collaboration and communication from your Google Form submission by configuring notifications in Form Director. When a service (e.g. insert into database, generate merged doc/slide, create calendar event/contact etc) is successfully executed with submitted form data, Form Director can send notifications.

Templated notifications can be configured to send to specific emailsto form owner, editors and viewersto emails submitted from formattached the generated Google document, slide and PDFswith templated email subject & message

So, go ahead and explore the notifications in the a…

Query mLab:MongoDB from Google Sheets using Database Browser

Ever since we launched Database Browser add-on, there has been requests to add support to various types of databases from Google Sheet. We add new database types as and when possible to Database Browser. mLab:MongoDB is our latest addition.

You can now connect Google Sheet with mLab:MongoDB using Database Browser add-on and build query from wizard, execute query and present results directly into Google Sheet. Getting mLab:MongoDB data into Google Sheet is NO more complicated. 

Our Pro plan subscribers can now just follow the simple steps below:

Step 1: Enable API access in mLab:MongoDB and get API Key

Step 2: Create a database connection to mLab:MongoDB from Database Browser with the API Key.