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Publish Map feature got introduced in Map My Sheet !!

We have introduced publish Map feature in Map My Sheet where users need to publish Map to share with others in anonymous mode or embed into website. Publish the map that is required Once the Map is published a URL is generated and you can email or embed the URL so that your end users can see the map. Check more documentation at how it works Reach us  with your feedback Visit us at

Form Director Upgraded to 2.0 !!!

Form Director has been upgraded to 2.0 Form Director is a G Suite add-on that enables Google Form to direct submitted data to various applications like Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Calendar, Google Contacts, Google Tasks, Google Sheets, Cloud Databases, Datastores, QuickBooks etc. Currently, Form Director supports 25 applications, these  applications are categorized into G Suite, Storage, CRM, Collaboration, Accounting, Productivity, Ticketing, Marketing, Payment, Common, and Communication. Check more apps in  Apps page  of the Form Director website. Beyond new apps, we have also introduced several new features in Form Director since version 1.0. Some key features include Notification feature Timezone Enhancements Calculated Fields Intelligent Mapping Google Calendar app Enhancements Google Contact app Enhancements Check  What's New  page of Form Director for more details. Contact Us  or write to  support@ji