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Form Director Newsletter for the month of October_2022

  Form Director - Jivrus Technologies Form Director Newsletter for the month of October 2022 Form Director updates Embed File Upload images in email, initial flash message, usage videos Now users can embed the images inside the email template along with the attachments. Users can also view the product videos inside the application configuration. Improve mapping and form field creation performance, Email provider improvement Field Mapping now has a performance improved with the new Google Forms API. Users can now disable the Gmail Provider while configuring multiple email providers. Standard expression "Case" introduced The newly introduced standard calculated case will help users to make their text Lower, Upper, and Titlecase. Announcement, Reuse Folder in Drive The Announcement is a new section where users can see the the current announcements from us about the product e.g. new releases, offers etc. While creating subfolders users can now reuse the same folder by name to up

Fillable Document Newsletter for the month of October_2022

  Fillable Document - Jivrus Technologies Fillable Document Newsletter for the month of October 2022 Fillable Document updates Improvements:   From now on Fillable Document is supported directly on Google Slides also. Fillable Document was working on Google Docs and Google Sheets. We have a separate variant for Google Slide called Fillable Slide. Now we have made Fillable Document itself to support Google Slide. So you can use Fillable Document from Google Docs, or Sheets, or Slides directly. You can see what is happening with Fillable Document by following the What’s new page. The User of the Month - October 2022 Congratulations Kelly Stich for being selected as the user of the month of october for Fillable Document. Kelly Stich has been a user of Fillable Document since February 2022. This is what she does with Fillable Document: “I use Fillable document to create Client Info document for each of our clients.  We distribute these documents to each employee working on the project.