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Query Cloud Datastore from Google Sheet using Database Browser

Google Cloud Datastore You can now connect Google Sheet with Datastore using  Database Browser  add-on and build a query from the wizard, execute query and present results directly into Google Sheet.  Getting  Datastore   data into Google Sheet is NO more complicated.  Users  can now just follow the steps below Step 1 : Create a  Datastore  connection authorized with Google sign-in button. Step 2 : Provide project-id of the  Datastore  project (refer Google Cloud Console), test and save  the connection. Step 3 :  Build, Query and Present the results into Google Sheet as normally as you do with any other data sources. Check more documentation at  how it works . Check out the current list of  supported databases  by Database Browser.                                                                                 Reach us  with your feedback Visit us at

Custom Marker, Map Types and Auto Refresh - Map My Sheet - New Feature

Make your map more attractive with 3 new features New Features We are introducing 3 new features to make your map more attractive     Custom Markers       Map Types       Auto Refresh      Custom Marker The custom marker is a way to present your business data on a map with your own marker icons/ images. To create a custom marker in Map My Sheet, follow the steps below . 1 . Open Map My Sheets add-on. Click on the settings button.  2.  In Custom Marker section you have to provide name along with image address. 3.  Click  Save, after saving your new custom marker will appear in marker list. And the same can be used as a marker in the map. Map Types Now, Map My Sheet provides you an option to select map type. Google Maps has 4 different map types. All are available in Map My Sheet. ROADMAP ( normal , default 2D map)            SATELLITE (photographic map)            HYBRID (photographic