Query Cloud Datastore from Google Sheet using Database Browser

Google Cloud Datastore

You can now connect Google Sheet with Datastore using Database Browser add-on and build a query from the wizard, execute query and present results directly into Google Sheet. Getting Datastoredata into Google Sheet is NO more complicated. 

Users can now just follow the steps below

Step 1: Create a Datastore connection authorized with Google sign-in button.

Step 2: Provide project-id of the Datastore project (refer Google Cloud Console), test and save the connection.

Step 3: Build, Query and Present the results into Google Sheet as normally as you do with any other data sources.

Check more documentation at how it works.
Check out the current list of supported databases by Database Browser.

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Custom Marker, Map Types and Auto Refresh - Map My Sheet - New Feature

Make your map more attractive with 3 new features

New FeaturesWe are introducing 3 new features to make your map more attractive     Custom Markers      Map Types      Auto Refresh     Custom Marker The custom marker is a way to present your business data on a map with your own marker icons/ images.

To create a custom marker in Map My Sheet, follow the steps below.1. Open Map My Sheets add-on. Click on the settings button. 
2.  In Custom Marker section you have to provide name along with image address.
3. Click  Save, after saving your new custom marker will appear in marker list. And the same can be used as a marker in the map.

Map TypesNow, Map My Sheet provides you an option to select map type. Google Maps has 4 different map types. All are available in Map My Sheet.

ROADMAP (normal, default 2D map)
SATELLITE (photographic map)
HYBRID (photographic map + roads and city names)

Create Trello Cards on Google Form Submission - Form Director

Creating Trello cards on Google Form submission using Form Director
Trello is a collaboration tool that organizes your projects into boards.
Trello boards, lists, and cards enable you to organize and prioritize your projects in a fun, flexible and rewarding way. 

Now you can easily create Trello cards from your Google Form response using Form Director.
Follow these simple steps to configure the interface with the Trello app in Form Director 

Open Form DirectorClick on create new serviceChoose Trello from the list of appsAuthorize with Trello Configure mapping with Trello app fieldsSave your service

Apart from title and description, you can assign a due date, post comments, attach files, and more to your newly created Trello card. 

Check how to configure trello app for detailed documentation and usage instructions.

Form Director - What's cooking on the Year 2019

Form Director - What's cooking on the Year 2019Happy New Year from Form Director teamWe have been always pushing ourselves to give our users the best experience and useful features as much as possible.Highlights of the Year 2018Ability to reprocess their form responses with Form Director ServicesIntroduced new apps: QuickBooks, Google Sheets, Google SlideImproved stability of existing apps: Google Docs, Tasks, Calendar, ContactsImproved User Interface and provided easy navigationIntroduced Premium Plans as well as Monthly subscription

In the upcoming days of the year 2019, we can assure that the user will get more and more useful features from Form Director Some of the features and apps that we are going to introduce in early 2019 are
Calculated FieldsThe user can do a variety of standard calculations and custom expressions with their Form responses,  mashing up with predefined data such as Current Date, Time etc.

Create Trello card on your Form Submission 

Add Leads, Contacts, and mo…

Introducing Quiz New Feature Launch - Form Builder

Build your Quiz Forms from Google Forms and Google Sheets.
Now you can build Quiz Forms from other Google Forms and Google Sheets. Simply choose the Google Form or Sheet and start importing quiz questions & answers into your form.
You can build your quiz form in two ways Build a new Quiz Form from another Quiz FormBuild a new Quiz Form from Google Sheets
Building Quiz Form from another Quiz Form Consider you have an existing Quiz Forms. And you want to import few or all fields/ questions from that form into another form.

Select source as "Google Form"

Form Builder automatically check the selected form is a quiz or not

Form Builder lists all fields and makes fields/questions available for you. Import individual or Import selectedThat's it, your Quiz Form is ready.

Custom Info Window on Map - Map My Sheet - New Feature Launch

Build Rich Custom Info Window with your Google Sheet data using Map My Sheet
Info Window is a way to display content - both text and images in a popup window on the map, for any given location. Below is a sample of Info Window.

Now with Map My Sheet user can customize What is to be shown in the Info Window How it is formattedYou can configure to show your details from the Google Sheet in the Info Window of Google Map. Also, you can format with the desired color, font and size. The below shows steps to configure Info Window in Map My Sheet
By default, it takes all the columns from Google Sheet as part of the info window.

Formatting properties of info window.
Pick your color

Pick your font

Pick your font size

Using these formatting properties, you can design the Info Window as per your need. The below is the sample Info Window based on the configuration in Map My Sheet.

Create records in QuickBooks from your Google Form submission

Tired of keying in vendor data manually into QuickBooks....?  We got a solution for you  !!!  Share a Google form to your vendor to fill their details. Form Director will create an entry of your vendor in QuickBooks    Sounds exciting !!!, follow these simple steps below   Step 1 Create a service in Form Director by choosing QuickBooks as the app and create as the service

Step 2 Authenticate with QuickBooks by Clicking on "Connect to QuickBooks"Authenticate Form Director with QuickBooks for creating Entities (Vendor, Employee, Customer)

Step 3 Choose which entity you want to createEntities that are supported now areVendorCustomerEmployee                     

Step 4 Map your form field with  Entity Fields to store the corresponding form response to the Entity field Step 5

Save your service 

You are all set to direct your form response to QuickBooks. 
Now just go ahead and publish the Google Form with your vendors. The data submitted will automatically land in your QuickBooks account.