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Create records in QuickBooks from your Google Form submission

Tired of keying in vendor data manually into QuickBooks....?  We got a solution for you  !!!   Share a Google form to your vendor to fill their details. Form Director will create an entry of your vendor in QuickBooks     Sounds exciting !!!, follow these simple steps below      Step 1   Create a service in Form Director by choosing QuickBooks as the app and create as the service Step 2   Authenticate with QuickBooks by Clicking on "Connect to QuickBooks" Authenticate Form Director with QuickBooks for creating Entities (Vendor, Employee, Customer) Step 3 Choose which entity you want to create Entities that are supported now are Vendor Customer Employee                      Step 4 Map your form field with  Entity Fields to store the corresponding form response to the Entity field Step 5 Save your service  You are all set to direct your form response to QuickBooks.  Now just g

Query Cloud Firestore from Google Sheet using Database Browser

You can now connect Google Sheet with Firestore using  Database Browser  add-on and build query from wizard, execute query and present results directly into Google Sheet.  Getting Firestore  data into Google Sheet is NO more complicated.  Users  can now just follow the steps below Step 1 : Create a Firestore connection authorized with Google sign-in button.    Step 2 : Provide project-id of the Firestore project (refer Google Cloud Console), test and save  the connection. Step 3 :  Build, Query and Present the results into Google Sheet as normally as you do with any other data sources. Check more documentation at  how it works . Check out the current list of  supported databases  by Database Browser.                                                                                Reach us  with your feedback Visit us at