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It is 5 years of Jivrus Technologies

Five years !!! Looking back on the five years that we just crossed, we are happy to have built a self-sustaining SaaS cloud products company.  With that, the company just starts to leap further into our vision of "awesome software products worldwide". It is time to make deep investments in Jirvus' own cloud platform and ecosystem to power enterprise-grade products. Market research and listening keenly from our product users have positioned us in a better place to think 'continuously lean' practices in the product life cycle. Our technology partnership with Google, Microsoft and Zoho, integration partnerships and sales partnership circle have been the strong supporting factors of our strength. Working our way through covid-19 , our team has learnt to adapt and trying to do the best possible things  in the situation. Thank you, customers, partners, advisers, and staff for making the journey continue with changing gears. Thank You, Lord, for Your  blessings and  gu

Publish Document - Fillable Document

  Publishing a Form Publish Form is a feature where users can create a fillable document and publish it to end-users for submitting and generating documents. There are two modes by which users can publish a Form: Publish as Logged in user. publish as an Anonymous user. How to Publish a form? Open Fillable Document add-on from your Google Document. Click on Publish Form button.                                   On clicking the publish form button it will redirect it to the publish document details. Click on Publish Settings  Switch on Always ask Google Login if the form needs to be published as a logged in user so that it will ask for login while submitting the form. Switch off Always ask Google Login if the form needs to be published as anonymous user so that it will not ask for login while submitting the form.  Read more details about this from Fillable Document website   Contact Us  or write to  for any queries                                                    

Synchronize services

  Synchronize Service Synchronize service refers to keeping data across multiple systems consistently. In Sheet Director Synchronize service refers to keeping data consistent between Google Sheets and other applications. Currently synchronize service is employed in Google Calendar App & Google Contacts in Sheet Director. How Synchronize services work? Select the service as Synchronize. This will Synchronize Events between Google Calendar. Synchronize Settings Synchronization Keys: The keys will be used for matching rows in Google Sheet with data in Google Calendar. Conflict Resolution: When Synchronization happens, there could be a conflict of data between Google Sheets and App [App] Wins - where App is the currently selected App (e.g. Google Calendar) Sheet Wins App Wins: Latest data from Google Calendar will be updated into Google Sheet. Sheet Wins: Latest data from Google Sheet will be updated into Google Calendar. Note: The major requirement in synchronization is the synchron

Fillable Studio

 Fillable Studio What is Fillable Studio? Fillable Studio is a web application that gives a way to manage all your Fillable Forms and Published Forms right from one place. There are four major components in Fillable Studio web application they are Fillable Studio - Dashboard View Fillable Studio - Form View Fillable Studio - Published View Fillable Settings Login to Fillable Studio using Fillable Studio - Dashboard View Users can manage all their Google Documents, Fillable Forms, and Published Forms with the Fillable Studio - Dashboard view. All your Published Forms will be displayed with the Published tag on the top left corner. You can view your Published Form by clicking on the desktop icon. Fillable Studio - Form View Fillable Studio - Form View shows your fillable document as a LIVE FILLABLE FORM and also manage other form-related sources link like Form Response Management, Publishing the forms etc. Fillable Studio - Published View When you open the Publis

Google Classroom integration with Form Presenter

  Google Classroom Integration with Form Presenter What is Google Classroom? Google Classroom  is a free web service developed by  Google  for schools that aims to simplify creating, distributing, and grading assignments. The primary purpose of Google Classroom is to streamline the process of sharing files between teachers and students. Integration with Form Presenter Users can post your published link as new assignment/exam on Google Classroom right from Form Presenter. Click on Google Classroom to start integrating with Form Presenter. Allow permission for Form Presenter to integrate with Google Classroom. Create Classwork Provide Title for Assignment/Exam Provide your Instructions on Assignment Provide total points. It will show your Quiz total score that you provided in your Google Form. Select whether the Class work is to Assign or Draft(you need to assign it manually from Classroom if it drafted) Enabling Import Grade will import the quiz grade automatically on class work on For