Synchronize services

 Synchronize Service

Synchronize service refers to keeping data across multiple systems consistently. In Sheet Director Synchronize service refers to keeping data consistent between Google Sheets and other applications.
Currently synchronize service is employed in Google Calendar App & Google Contacts in Sheet Director.

How Synchronize services work?

  • Select the service as Synchronize.
  • This will Synchronize Events between Google Calendar.

Synchronize Settings

Synchronization Keys:

The keys will be used for matching rows in Google Sheet with data in Google Calendar.

Conflict Resolution:

  • When Synchronization happens, there could be a conflict of data between Google Sheets and App

  1. [App] Wins - where App is the currently selected App (e.g. Google Calendar)

  2. Sheet Wins

App Wins: Latest data from Google Calendar will be updated into Google Sheet.

Sheet Wins: Latest data from Google Sheet will be updated into Google Calendar.

Note: The major requirement in synchronization is the synchronize keys. If any of the keys is not having a value in the Google Sheet then Sheet Director will create it first and then the service will be executed.

  • Once execution is done the records will be assessed and ready for synchronization.

  • The number of data that will be updated in Google Sheet will be displayed.

  • The number of data that will be added to the Google Calendar will also be displayed.

  • Click Sync Now to carry out the update and add operations to synchronize the data.

Read more details about Synchronize service from Sheet Director website.

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