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Fillable Document Newsletter for the month of June_2022

Fillable Document - Jivrus Technologies Fillable Document Newsletter for the month of June 2022 Fillable Document updates GUI improvements:   Select the email template(s) that is to be sent on published form submissions. Providing custom placeholders for text, paragraph, autocomplete, and dropdown fields. Form Viewer improvements - now users can visualize the listing (one level of listing), and slide layout (Themes). Introducing a slider to adjust the height and width of the field. You can see what is happening with Fillable Document by following the What’s new page. The User of the Month - June 2022 Congratulations Janine Sarna-Jones for being selected as the user of the month of June for Fillable Document. Janine Sarna-Jones has been a user of Fillable Document since October 2021. She is using Fillable Document to generate agreements. This is what she feels about Fillable Document “ This add-on is just what I want. I have been looking for! It does exactly what I've been needin