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Databases - Database Browser - Nov 2020

Databases supported in Database Browser!!! Database Browser is a Google GSuite add-on that makes Google Sheet an awesome new way of browsing your database. The Key Features of Database Browser are Manage Connections - Create, test and save connections to databases on the Internet and cloud. Manage Queries - Build, execute, save queries and query results into Google Sheet. Edit - Edit the data in the database directly from Google Sheet and saving into the database.  Types of Databases in Database Browser There are two types of Databases in Database Browser they are  Standard Database Premium Database Standard Database: Standard Databases refer to the most commonly used databases. The standard databases that are supported in Database Browser are MySQL Microsoft SQL Server Oracle Database Google Cloud SQL mLab MongoDB BigQuery Firestore Datastore Premium Database: Premium Databases are not typically connectable from Google Workspace environment using Apps Script. But a special implementat