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Query mLab:MongoDB from Google Sheets using Database Browser

Ever since we launched Database Browser add-on, there has been requests to add support to various types of databases from Google Sheet. We add new database types as and when possible to Database Browser. mLab:MongoDB is our latest addition.

You can now connect Google Sheet with mLab:MongoDB using Database Browser add-on and build query from wizard, execute query and present results directly into Google Sheet. Getting mLab:MongoDB data into Google Sheet is NO more complicated. 

Our Pro plan subscribers can now just follow the simple steps below:

Step 1: Enable API access in mLab:MongoDB and get API Key

Step 2: Create a database connection to mLab:MongoDB from Database Browser with the API Key.

Fillable Document - Product crossed 25K users

We are excited to announce that Fillable Document product has crossed 25K users. 

(source:GSuite marketplace)

Fillable Document is a GSuite add-on that enables Google Document users to make their documents as fillable form. And the fillable document can

Store submitted data to Google SheetGenerate documents and PDF by merging data with templateDeliver the document and PDF with templated emailPublish the document as form to end usersand do much more

Checkout for more details on Fillable Document.

Try Fillable Document Now I am sure you will have few use cases fulfilled 

So, it's time to celebrate!

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