You have got an email. Expand your business reach - Form Director - New Features

You have got an email.

That is a good news

And that brings you new business.

Expand your business reach.

Collaborate more with your customers, employees, vendors, and any stakeholders of your business by simply opening up a Google Form that does more than what a Google Form does. I mean - power up the Google Form with Form Director add-on, that can direct the submitted data to various applications.

You can now improve collaboration and communication from your Google Form submission by configuring notifications in Form Director. When a service (e.g. insert into database, generate merged doc/slide, create calendar event/contact etc) is successfully executed with submitted form data, Form Director can send notifications.

Templated notifications can be configured to send
  • to specific emails
  • to form owner, editors and viewers
  • to emails submitted from form
  • attached the generated Google document, slide and PDFs
  • with templated email subject & message

So, go ahead and explore the notifications in the apps/ services of Form Director.

Check the add-on at GSuite Marketplace
Check out the Form Director web site
Contact Us or write to for any queries.


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