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A teacher's tale with Fillable Document

Apps from Jivrus technologies are for the improvement of everyday work & life. " Fillable Document " is one of those apps that users of all walks can use for personal and professional purposes. Let us look at how our app "Fillable Document" improved teacher's work. A teacher worked hard for the school annual day sports event. She wanted to prepare certificates for all her students who performed or volunteered for the event. Traditionally, it would be preparing a certificate for one student and copy & paste to make for the rest. This was error-prone, she has been there. This time, she picked up " Fillable Document add-on " from GSuite instead. She could just fill the certificate template and generate the certificate as Google doc & PDF easily and quickly. Then she could also send the certificates to the students via email from the add-on. And throughout the process, visually seeing what is happening. All she had to prepare i

New Release - Jivrus Integra for QuickBooks - Feb 2018

 Jivrus Integra for  QuickBooks for GSuite We released a new version  and that means some  awesome new features for you First of all, thank you very much for all your appreciations, feedback, support queries and feature requests. That means a lot to us. Thanks. Over the past few months, we worked hard to introduce new features and improved the stability & performance of the "Jivrus Integra for QuickBooks" add-on for G Suite New Features Custom Queries feature We introduced "Custom" option in the add-on so that user can write his/her own specific query (by choosing the 'Custom' option from the 'Source').  By using this feature, Google sheet user gets records of the QuickBooks object that satisfy the custom query in the Google sheet. Custom Query is for advanced users. This makes the user very powerful to query and bring only the data th