A teacher's tale with Fillable Document

Apps from Jivrus technologies are for the improvement of everyday work & life. "Fillable Document" is one of those apps that users of all walks can use for personal and professional purposes.
Let us look at how our app "Fillable Document" improved teacher's work.

A teacher worked hard for the school annual day sports event. She wanted to prepare certificates for all her students who performed or volunteered for the event. Traditionally, it would be preparing a certificate for one student and copy & paste to make for the rest. This was error-prone, she has been there.
This time, she picked up "Fillable Document add-on" from GSuite instead. She could just fill the certificate template and generate the certificate as Google doc & PDF easily and quickly. Then she could also send the certificates to the students via email from the add-on. And throughout the process, visually seeing what is happening.
All she had to prepare is the certificate template & mark the dynamic fields; then start generating and delivering certificates. That's all... that simple it is ...

The certificate template looks like the below: (you can see "Fillable Document" in action on the sidebar right side.)

The generated certificate looks as below. It gets delivered as PDF file straight into student's inbox.

And thus, Fillable Document add-on helped the teacher to generate certificates and email them to her students with style and ease !!!!!
Fillable Document is an add-on application for Google GSuite that makes Google document into a live fillable form magically. You can prepare a template document in GSuite with placeholders in ${field name} format and use "Fillable Document" add-on to fill fields values, store data into spreadsheets, publish a merged document with email notifications.
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