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My business data - My Google sheet - My show - Database Browser

           A small business owner is maintaining all of his invoices in a database. To explain his company growth to his partners, he need to prepare a chart from the data present in the database. This will take much long time to complete the process using normal way of querying and getting data and then importing into a spreadsheet and preparing a chart. And if he needs to repeat this every month/ week, it will be painful.  Using Database Browser, it is very easy to get data from the database directly into Google sheet. The chart gets refreshed automatically on getting the latest data  After one time configuration of connection and query, all the business owner needs to do is - just click on play button and he is ready to present. The Below Screenshots will give you an idea about how the data is accessed from database and chart is created using that QUERY TO GET DATA FROM THE DATABASE    RETRIEVED DATA THAT GETS S

Export QuickBooks Online Data to Google Sheets

Businesses use cloud based accounting systems like QuickBooks Online. Many a times, accounting team would like to get their accounting data on to spreadsheet to do data crunching, summarising, charting, presenting or just for verifications. Google Sheets is a great online spreadsheet tool for collaborative data crunching for accounting purposes.  Exporting QuickBooks Online data into Google Sheets will provide a lot of power to accounting team to verify and manage the data.  "Jivrus Integra for QuickBooks"  is a GSuite add-on  that helps you to run queries in QuickBooks and export the data into Google Sheet. You can configure and save the queries and even set it to automatically run in the background. Look at the sample query result that is exported into Google sheet using this add-on. Happy Accounting !