Lookup Mapping on Form Director

 Lookup Field Mapping

What is Lookup Field Mapping?

Lookup field mapping allows users to map form fields with data from other external sources. Lookup Field Type enables the users to look up the Google Sheets data, search and select results from GoogleSsheets based on user entry.

Lookup from Google Sheets

  • Select the external source as Google Sheet also select the required spreadsheet tab from where the data needs to be used.
  • Select the range that is required.

How configuration is done?

  • Select the lookup conditions required.
  • Mapping consists of Form Field, Lookup Field, Result Field & Default Field.
  • Users can add any number of conditions required.
  • Form Fields refers to the Form field values.
  • Lookup Field refers to the value from the selected spreadsheet lookup column.
  • If all the conditions satisfy then the result field value is the lookup value from the spreadsheet.
  • If none of the conditions satisfies then it will look up to the default value.
  • Check the condition by providing sample data.

Read more about the Lookup field type from Form Director website.

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