Four years done and marching into 5th year

Four years of making Jivrus Technologies

We have completed the fourth year and entering into the fifth year of Jivrus Technologies. 

In the fourth year, we enriched existing flagship products Fillable DocumentForm Builder, and Form Director while continuously levelling up other products like Database Browser and Map My Sheet.  We added three new products (Sheet DirectorCloud Flow DirectorContent Sense). All of these products are having strong architecture, solid solutions, user experience, and cloud backbone.

If you are on G Suite or GCP or simply have a Gmail account, you should not miss our products. Check-out our products

"Overview of our Product Map

We have been establishing roots with our products. Being a bootstrapped company, we could manage our cashflow to align with our vision of building and providing awesome software products.

"Provide awesome software products worldwide
is our vision

We are constantly listening to our customers, users, partners, advisers. With our culture of being passionate, moving agile, building quality products with expertise & integrity combined with keen listening and problem-solving for our users, we strive to do the best for our customers. Our customer base is growing and the user base has certainly grown significantly.

Our technology partnership with Google is going strong. Google has been behind our force throughout; be in infrastructure, resources, training, marketing, and showcasing our products

We are into a partnership with Zoho with Google Sheets integration on Zoho CRM and we will be establishing more partnerships with other relevant domains. 

Our strategic partnership with SharingTree, a digital publishing platform is mutually beneficial and aimed at realizing long-term visions.

Thank you, customers, partners, advisers, and staff for making the journey eventful. 

No note is complete without a Corona update nowadays. See COVID-19 Update - Business continuity and what Jivrus is doing to support our community.

And we are into the FIFTH year, the year of Starting Growth for us and our customers

Thank You, Lord, for Your blessings and guidance always.

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