New Product Release - Form Presenter - May 2020

Introducing Form Presenter!!!

Over the past few months, we worked hard and released a new add-on Form Presenter, a  G Suite editor add-on for Google Forms.

What is Form Presenter?

Form Presenter is an add-on application for Google G Suite that presents a Google Form with various time, audience, action, and presentation controls. Conducting online exams or assessments is simple and fast with Form Presenter.

Who needs Form Presenter?

  • If you need to conduct an online assessment and need to track the exam attendee activities online? You are not alone; Form Presenter will help you achieve it.
  • If you are a business person and need to hire persons online/ test your employees' skill level. Then Form Presenter is a lifesaver for you.
Form Presenter

Form Presenter adds Time Controls, Action Controls, and Presentation Controls to enable your Google Forms to conduct online quiz, tests, assessments and exams.


► Control when to open and close the form on a specified timezone

► Set Timer - shows remaining time live and automatically shutdown form when it times out.

► Pause Controls - can user pause and how many times



► Enforce Login - allow only logged in users to access the form

► Restrict Emails - allow only specific email addresses to access the form

► Restrict Domains - allow only specific domains to access the form

► Restrict Attempts - allow only specified number of attempts.

► Track attempts, start, submission and time out statuses and times

► Live tracking of audience dashboard

► Audience Analytics with device profile


ACTION CONTROLS (coming soon)

► Capture name, email, and live photo

► Capture live mouse tracking

► Capture keyboard tracking

► Capture video tracking

► Lock Form - lock user from moving to other tabs or apps


► Branding - Custom Form Name, Logo, Favicon, Web Page title, other Texts,  etc

► Themes - Custom themes 

COLLABORATION (coming soon)

► Invite audience with templated emails

► Prepare and maintain email templates 


► Education - Conduct online tests to students, online class assessments, exams, etc.

► Business - Conduct online assessments to screen candidates, Test employee’s skill level, Run certification exams, etc.

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