Leapfrog Mail Director into Cloud Flow Director!!!

Migrated to work with Gmail as well as Calendar

What is Mail Director and why are we migrating?

"Mail Director" is an add-on that allows you to direct your email in Gmail into other G Suite applications like Docs and Sheets. Our users have found it to be valuable in extracting emails into a structured format and using them to further their unique business workflows.

Google Cloud has introduced the new G Suite Add-ons framework in which a single add-on can work across Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Drive. And hence, we are migrating Mail Director to support Gmail as well as Calendar (and Drive in future). In the process, we have renamed it to "Cloud Flow Director" as we felt it better represented this new functionality.

Intro to Cloud Flow Director

Cloud Flow Director

"Cloud Flow Director" is an add-on which allows users to direct their email in Gmail and Calendar events into various G Suite apps like Google Sheets, Google Docs, etc.. Cloud Flow Director is built to be a powerful tool to make it easier for users to interact with many applications from one place.

Supported Applications

Cloud Flow Director currently supports 13 applications across multiple categories, such as: Productivity & Collaboration, CRM, Accounting, Marketing and Payments. With our focus on the Productivity & Collaboration category, G Suite is a natural integration for us, with many potential use cases.

Who needs Cloud Flow Director?

  • Frankly, anyone who uses Gmail or Google Calendar :)
  • Users who want to see the contents of their G Suite apps organized into a single place.
  • Gmail and Google Calendar users who want to store the contents of their emails and calendar events into other G Suite applications such as Docs and Sheets.
  • Users who want to create Trello cards or Asana tasks and much more.

Custom Plans

Cloud Flow Director comes with four different pricing plans: Basic, Pro, Premium, Business. The Basic plan is always free with limited transactions across apps per month. Users can select the plan according to their requirements.

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