Form Director - New Features

Form Director - New Features

We have introduced several new features into Form Director and these features are summarized below.

New Features

Share published files automatically

Now users can share generated files with multiple email recipients from form response and from system fields(Form Respondent, Form Author etc).

Support publishing into several formats

Now users can store and email published google docs, sheets and slides into several formats (PDF, word, HTML, Zip etc,..)

Share Generated Folder

Now users can share generated folders (drive app) with multiple email recipients  from form response and from system fields (Form Respondent, Form Author etc).

Now users can insert whatever form fields and system fields required by clicking the three dot icon, these can be inserted into email template, custom calculated fields, templated fields, generated file name also.

 Now by choosing an auto increment field users can track each of their form submission in a incremental order. Users can edit the response increment as required for them.


Enhancements were made in error email with more information's like Error Details, Form Fields, App Fields, System Fields have been added to email .

Several enhancements were made in Trello, Salesforce applications also..

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