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Form Director Newsletter for the month of November 2022

Form Director updates

You can see what is happening with the Form Director by following the What’s New page.

The User of the Month - November 2022

Congratulations Mr. Jon Andre Pedersen for being selected as the user of the month of october for Form Director. Jon Andre Pedersen has been a user of Form Director since May 2020. 

This is how he is using Form Director:

I teach a course at The University of Hong Kong where students are interning into social enterprises and charities. As part of these processes, we need to generate up to 80 PDFs each month for admin purposes.

This is what he feels about Form Director:

This tool makes our work much easier and help us automate relevant elements to our work in an efficient and great manner.

The user of the month will be displayed in the spotlight page of our community website. Please check the spotlight page for more details.

Challenges and Solutions

Challenges faced

Julie(name changed), who is one of the users of Form Director, has been using Form Director for her official purpose. She is using the Google Slides app in Form Director. She wrote to us asking the following question

When I used Form Director to transfer fields from a Google Form to a Google Slide, I was only given the option to create a PDF in my Google Drive. Why don't I have access to create and email a Microsoft presentation?


We already have a feature that fulfills Julie’s use case. She can select the format of the file that needs to be generated during Form Director setup. Now the generated file with the selected format will be delivered as per the email template configuration.

Have a look at this in Form Director website @


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