Jivrus turned THREE

Completed THREE years of Jivrus Technologies and marching into the fourth year. 

The third year has been a year of making a strong foundation on the products. We have been focusing on making our flagship products with significant new features that enrich the users' ability to automate their business or bring more value to their profession. 

Our team is geared up to bring up "awesome" feeling on our productsThree key aspects of focus are
  • Product Maturity - Rich set of features with high reliability and usability
  • Marketing - Taking the product to the right people and enabling them
  • Customer Success - Ensuring the products are harnessed for customer success

This year, we added three new products (Form Builder, Mail Director and Form Director). If you are on G Suite or GCP or simply have a Gmail account, you should not miss our products. Check-out our products

Our technology partnership with Google is going strong. Google has been behind our force throughout; be in infrastructure, resources, training, marketing, and showcasing our products

We entered into a partnership with Zoho with the launch of Google Sheets integration with Zoho CRM. We entered into a strategic partnership with SharingTree, a digital publishing platform, 

We are on the continuous lookout for adding sales/ marketing partners to take our products to value add your customer. If you are interested, contact us.

"Provide awesome software products worldwide
is our vision

We are working towards the vision, very passionately.  It is a long journey crossing a combination of clear paths and hurdles on the way. 

What I thought would be smooth sailing for a lean startup, has become a roller-coaster ride in the third year. It has been rough at times; investing in product development is tough, especially with a bootstrapped lean startup. Watching dramatic cash-flow for a few months in a row is no fun. It takes a lot of courage and perseverance to build software products and company that customers love. 

Nevertheless, we are pushing forward as a team and surely sculpting success story for our customers and ourselves. Feedback like the below keeps us going.

"Awesome. First the developers are very responsive and helpful which is a breath of fresh air. The app itself is great at automating a lot of manual tasks. I was able to quickly and easily create an automated way of creating quotes for clients on the fly. Would highly recommend."

Thank you, customers, partners, advisers, and staff for making the journey rememberable.

And we are into the fourth year, the year of acceleration.

Thank You, Lord, for Your blessings and guidance through ups and downs.

Visit us at www.jivrus.com


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