Cherishing the sixth anniversary of Jivrus Technologies !!!

It's sixth anniversary of Jivrus Technologies

It has been six years plus few months of doing what we call it as "intelligent integration and hyper-automation" for our customers on the cloud. We work hard to make our customers successful with our products in their business, and be excited to hear their positive feedback.

Our tech, product, platform stack has grown with more blocks turning from red to amber to green (green is live). The path has been enjoyable journey of challenges on launch, marketing, refinement of products, to inspire, value-add, growth to customers, by attracting and engaging with employees.

Covid has helped us evolve into remotely working company and we will continue to 'work from anywhere' with certain possibilities of hybrid working in the future.

We are continuously innovating to bring value to customers with deep level of research & development in areas of integration and automation. Keeping our eyes and ears open, mind sharp, and heart full of love.

Thank you, customers, partners, advisers, and staff for making the journey continue to sustain and grow.

Thank You, Lord, for Your blessings and guidance always.

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