Fillable Document Newsletter for the month of May_2022

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Fillable Document Newsletter for the month of May 2022

Fillable Document updates

GUI improvements & Templates: 

  • Navigation improvements

  • The collaborator mode and sidebar will not expire anymore(No timeout in using Fillable Document in sidebar & collaborator mode)

  • Form Response manager will now have the ability to reorder & resize the columns.

  • Underscores(_) can be used in field names.

  • Google Login is enabled every time in the collaborator mode.

You can see what is happening with Fillable Document by following the What’s new page.

The User of the Month - April 2022

Congratulations Mr/ Mrs. Victoria Stratman for being selected as the user of the month of April for Fillable Document. Victoria has been a user of Fillable Document since September 2020. She is using Fillable Document to generate proposals, contracts, etc. This is what she feels about Fillable Document

It's a great tool, easy to use, and capable of multiple tasks. Set-up is fast, easy, and with lots of help. It's a great way to improve productivity.

Featured Templates

We have added 3 new Invoice templates (simple invoice, detailed invoice, GST invoice) in Fillable Store which comes as a boon for everyone who needs to create an invoice. With these templates creating invoices is made easy. By submitting the required details you can easily create a well-structured invoice.

Fillable Store features 30+ templates in various categories: Business, Healthcare, Real Estate, Education, 

Explore all templates in the Fillable Store.

Challenges and Solutions

Challenges faced

James Foster (name changed), who has several clients is one of the users of Fillable Document. He has created a fillable form for his clients. Foster needs to fill the form with his client details and then he needs to share the form with the corresponding client. Then, his clients need to fill out the form and submit it with all the required details.

Do you know how he achieved this?


Fillable Document already has a feature to fulfill this use case. We recommended Foster to use the Prefilled form feature from Fillable Document. With this feature, Foster was able to fill in his client details and then he shared the prefilled link with the corresponding client. So now his clients can submit the prefilled form assigned to them.

Have a look at this Prefilled form feature.

Message from the Founder

Greetings from Michaes. 

With Fillable Document, we are on a mission to simplify the document generation process for your business. We make the process automated. We remove the boring aspects of data collection and mechanical copy/paste and find/replace into visual form filling, automatic doc generation, and delivery. 

We continuously improve the product and, month-on-month, we summarize the events in this newsletter and reach out to you. Our customers are our strength, we did and continuously do learn from our customers and improve the solution. Do revert to us if you have any questions or feature requests. Together we can make Fillable Document great.

Cheers, have great success in whatever you do.

Michaes Subramanian


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