Form Director Newsletter for the month of March_2023


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Form Director Newsletter for the month of March 2023

Form Director updates

Freshsales Improvements and Sage & Asana fixes

  • Freshsales CRM  services have now been improved. There are create and update services for accounts, contacts, tasks, sales activities, and appointment entities and create service for notes.

  • Sage Accounting And Asana fixes.

HubSpot App improvements, Support for QR code in Email Templates and Google Contact Improvements

  • Hubspot Improvements - New Companies object is introduced to create a new and update the existing companies on Google form submissions. also updating the record is now applicable to all the other objects (Contacts, Deals, Tickets).

  • Users can now add the QR code in the email template with a simple configuration.

  • Users can now add the Contact photo while creating Google contacts.

Folder Structure and HubSpot improvement

  • Hubspot Improvements - Introduced to create new and update existing records for hub spot Custom objects on Google form submissions. 

  • Upgraded Angular, Material, and Moment dependencies.

  • Introduced Code Base Folder Structure.

You can see what is happening with the Form Director by following the What’s New page.

The User of the Month - March 2023

Congratulations Mr. Beatrice Salvadori for being selected as the user of the month of March for Form Director. Beatrice Salvadori has been a user of Form Director since January 2023. 

This is what he feels about Form Director:

Form Director is a great tool to use! It's intuitive to use and gennerates and send automatically a mass of emails directly to students and professor just with one form. It definetely saves time and increases efficiency.

The user of the month will be displayed in the spotlight page of our community website. Please check the spotlight page for more details.

Challenges and Solutions

Challenges faced

Frank(name changed), who is one of the users of Form Director, has wrote to us asking the following question

I have created a new form & configured it with Form Director & when someone submits the form it should create a project in Asana app. Everything is working fine but however, is there a way to input a date range from the form into Asana. I would like to be able to submit a start date and end date and have them show up as start/end dates in Asana, so that a longer-term project shows up for the correct duration on the Asana calendar” 

Is it possible?


For Frank’s use case we researched & implemented the Asana start date & end date feature for him. So now Frank is able to submit a form with start date & end date and it will show up as start date & end date in Asana.


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