Form Director Newsletter for the month of April_2023


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Form Director Newsletter for the month of April 2023

Form Director updates

New App Integrations

  • Sender Integration - Introduced to create new and update existing subscribers for Sender on Google form submissions.

Custom fields support for ClickUp, and fixes on Google Contact & ActiveCampaign

  • ClickUp - Introduced to the custom fields support for ClickUp.

Free trial message, Airtbale, ClickUp custom field

  • Added a Free trial link on Homepage. 

You can see what is happening with the Form Director by following the What’s New page.

The User of the Month - April 2023

Congratulations Mr. Ong Chin Young for being selected as the user of the month of April for Form Director. Ong Chin Young has been a user of Form Director since January 2023. 

This is what he feels about Form Director:

Form Director is a very useful app. It help us to synchronize and interlink google doc, google form and google calendar. In extension, this also allows us to easily access information of each google form order in calendar without having to go through the mass information in google sheet. it has been very helpful for us to set reminder when order is comes in and to ensure we don't miss out any orders and ensuring the design is per our customers' requests. Having used the trial, I can never go back to manually key in information from google sheet to new event for each entry in the calendar. It has made my work so much easier and saves so much time. Setting up the linkage is easy as well so it worked on my first try and had been so easy to edit that I can improve on any information I missed out once in the setting and never have to worry about it again.

The user of the month will be displayed in the spotlight page of our community website. Please check the spotlight page for more details.

Challenges and Solutions

Challenges faced

Brawn(name changed), who is one of the long term users of Form Director has a client who uses Form Director. Brawn’s wrote to us asking the following question

My client conducts training for his students with 7 courses a day for 20 students. He uses a Google Form to collect information from his students. So once the form is submitted a new sheet tab should be created for each course & the information of the students should be appended to the respective course sheet. 

Is it possible?


For Brawn’s client  use case, We suggested to use the familiar Google Sheets service with publish Service and add the new response to the existing Google Sheets.


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