Form Builder Newsletter for the month of June_2023

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Form Builder Newsletter for the month of June 2023

Form Builder updates

Increase in Basic & Lite plan quota
  • Enhancement of Quota for Basic and Lite Plans: The Basic plan now offers an augmented quota of 200 free imports, while the Lite plan has been upgraded to provide a more substantial quota of 2000 imports.

You can see what is happening with the Form Builder by following the What’s New page.

The User of the Month - June 2023

Congratulations Mr. Venkatesan for being selected as the user of the month of June for Form Builder. Venkatesan has been a user of Form Builder since March. 

This is what he feels about Form Builder:

Very useful, Innovative & Time saving add-on for Google Forms. All Teachers and lecturers must buy this add-on for your innovative tests.

The user of the month will be displayed on the spotlight page of our community website. Please check the spotlight page for more details.

Meme of the Month

Challenges and Solutions

Challenges faced

Jones(name changed), who is one of the users of Form Builder, has been using Form Builder for his official purpose. He wrote to us asking the following question

Is there any delimiter available other than a comma(,) in Form Builder Plus? We use a comma as a part of the answer, but it is recognized as a separator. So can I use anything else as a separator than comma?

Can you help me?” 


For Jones' use case. Yes, Jones can use a different separator of his choice. To do this, he needs to follow these steps:

  • Check the delimiter settings in the input section.
  • Look for the option that allows you to specify a custom separator or delimiter.
  • Enter your desired separator in the designated field. It can be any character or string that suits your needs.


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