Fillable Document Newsletter for the month of September_2023

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Fillable Document Newsletter for the month of

September 2023

Fillable Document updates

Feature Spotlight: 

Multi format Templates:

Fillable Document supports a wide range of versatile template formats to cater to various document creation needs. The currently supported template formats are

  • Google Docs
  • Google Sheets
  • Google Slides

Fillable Document's multi-format support ensures that you have the flexibility and convenience to generate the perfect document for any purpose.

Explore more about this from Fillable Document website.

The User of the Month - September 2023

Let's extend our congratulations to Victoria Stratman, who has been chosen as the September User of the Month for Fillable Document. Victoria has been actively using Fillable Document since September 2020.

Here's what Victoria thinks about Fillable Document:

"It's a great tool, easy to use, and capable of multiple tasks. Set-up is fast, easy, and with lots of help. It's a great way to improve productivity."

You can find the User of the Month featured prominently on our community website's Spotlight page. For further information, please visit the Spotlight page.

Challenges and Solutions

Challenges faced

Stephen (name changed), a Fillable Document user, reached out to us with the following query:

"Hello! I'm curious if there's a way to exclusively save PDFs once a form is submitted, rather than both a Google Doc and PDF. Currently, we have to manually remove the doc formats to prevent any post-submission editing."


In response to Stephen's inquiry, it's important to note that he cannot deselect the creation of Google documents, as these serve as the foundational files for generating other formats.

However, if Stephen's objective is to send only PDF files to his customers via email, we recommended that he select the PDF option exclusively within the email template. By doing this, he can ensure that only PDF files are transmitted to his customers.

Read more about Email templates @


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