Fillable Document Newsletter for the month of November_2023

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Fillable Document Newsletter for the month of

November 2023

Fillable Document updates

Videos Spotlight: 

We've produced several videos showcasing the features of Fillable Document. Take a moment to explore these videos crafted by our team

Features Introduction video: Fillable Document has a lot of features that are useful for users. From visually building fillable forms to advanced features like payments and intelligent mapping, Fillable Document elevates your productivity.

Check our detailed features video @

The User of the Month - November 2023

Let's extend our congratulations to Sam Vanis, who has been chosen as the User of the Month of November for Fillable Document. Sam Vanis has been actively using Fillable Document since October 2023.

Here's what Sam thinks about Fillable Document:

"Fillable form has been so helpful and easy to make fillable documents accessible without needing to have Adobe. They are also great because they work with Google and Google is easily translatable where we have many families that speak different languages."

You can find the User of the Month featured prominently on our community website's Spotlight page. For further information, please visit the Spotlight page.

Challenges and Solutions

Challenges faced

David (name changed), a Fillable Document user, reached out to us with the following query:

"I am working as an office admin in a college. I am using Fillable Document Docs variant to generate letters & send it as emails to students from Google Sheets daily. Normally I used to send around 500 letters per day to students via email. My question is, is there anyway that I could automate this process so that I don't need to waste more time here."

Proposed Solution

Regarding David's question, we suggested him to use the Fillable Document for Sheets variant. Also, we suggested her to use the every-hour trigger feature to automate the complete flow without opening the Google Sheets every time.

Read more about how to setup Fillable Document for Sheets @


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