Fillable Document Newsletter for the month of February_2023

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Fillable Document Newsletter for the month of February 2023 Fillable Document updates


  1. Static email attachments and Share generated documents.

  1. Users can attach any files to the email template. you can get those attachments in the email.

  2. Users can share the generated documents with access, notification, and message for that document automatically.


    2.  Fillable document home page and GUI improvements, fixes.

    a. Users can now navigate the fillable document add-on pages with proper user navigation guide.

You can see what is happening with Fillable Document by following the What’s new page.

The User of the Month - February 2023

Congratulations Greg Provenzano for being selected as the user of the month of February for Fillable Document. Greg Provenzano has been a user of Fillable Document since February 2022. This is what he does with Fillable Document:

“I am using Fillable Document to generate and send letters to taxpayers who are missing key tax documents”

Also, this is what he feels about Fillable Document:

“I'm a volunteer tax counselor in Thurston County, Washington. I will be using Fillable Documents to create fillable letters that I will be emailing to taxpayers who are missing key tax documents. I found this Google Doc Add On to be fairly easy to use and intuitive. It has allowed me to automate a routine task that would take me considerably longer to accomplish without the application.”

The user of the month will be displayed on the spotlight page of our community website. Please check the spotlight page for more details.

Featured Templates

We have added 3 Letters templates (Cover, Business, Excuse) in Fillable Store which comes as a boon for anyone who needs to generate letters. With these templates creating letters is made easy. By submitting the required details you can easily create a well-structured letter.

Fillable Store features 30+ templates in various categories: Business, Healthcare, Real Estate, Education, etc.

Explore all templates in the Fillable Store.

Challenges and Solutions

Challenges faced

Mark Taylor(name changed) who is one of the users of Fillable Document has been using it for his official purpose. He wrote to us asking for the following 

“I’ve created a Google Form which has a Google Sheet to collect Responses. Fillable Document does what I want, if run manually it merges the response & sends emails out with the generated PDF- but does not run automatically when a new response is received.


We already have a feature to Mark Taylor’s use case.We suggested Mark to switch on the Auto run every hour feature. This feature will allow Fillable Document to generate only the non-processed record every one hour.

Read more about this @ 


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