Form Builder Newsletter for the month of February_2023


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Form Builder Newsletter for the month of February 2023

Form Builder updates

Preview as per Advanced settings, GUI improvements and new forms in same folder of input file

  • Preview will be shown as per the configuration in Advanced settings.

  • New Forms will be created in the same parent folder of the input file.

  • Added 'learn more' link in SharingTree integration with full integration details webpage.

You can see what is happening with the Form Builder by following the What’s New page.

The User of the Month - February 2023

Congratulations Mr. Charles Anthony Francis for being selected as the user of the month of February for Form Builder. Charles Anthony Francis has been a user of Form Builder since January. 

This is what he feels about Form Builder:

“Nice automation product to make Google Forms in quick times. I appreciate Form builder plus to allow for the building of question banks and to allow for marking correct answers for text items. it is really needed. Thank you to jivrus technologies for this wonderful product.”

The user of the month will be displayed in the spotlight page of our community website. Please check the spotlight page for more details.

Meme of the Month

Hey superheroes

Challenges and Solutions

Challenges faced

John(name changed), who is one of the users of Form Builder, has been using Form Builder for his official purpose. He wrote to us asking the following question

I have installed Form Builder Plus using my admin system, but I'm encountering an authorization error and unable to proceed. What steps should I take to resolve this issue?

Is it possible?


For John’s question we recommended him to add form builder plus to his allow list from his admin system. After adding, John is now able to use Form Builder Plus well.

Check our article on how to add an application to allowlist @


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