Fillable Document Newsletter for the month of May_2023

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Fillable Document Newsletter for the month of May 2023 Fillable Document updates


Generate Sample Document, Form Trigger Control, and Email Template and Conditional Field Improvements

  • Users can now generate sample documents for the form.
  • Now only the person to whom the trigger is set can access the trigger (switch on and off).
  • Users can now clone an email template, conditional field's condition, and condition set.

You can see what is happening with Fillable Document by following the What’s new page.

The User of the Month - April 2023

Congratulations Lillian Damico for being selected as the user of the month of May for Fillable Document. Lillian Damico has been a user of Fillable Document since May 2022. 

This is what he does with Fillable Document:

“We gather basic contact info on participating churches, and then energy data and building assessments to help them to become zero-emitters of greenhouse gases.”

This is what he feels about Fillable Document:

Fillable has provided a simple way to collect information from our widespread participants in a simple and secure manner. We can handle long documents very well, and have flexibility about where the data is stored, including amalgamating multiple questionnaires within a single Google Sheet. When I don't understand how to make a feature work, or when there is a problem or a bug, they are very rapid at helping me fix the problem. They are always gracious and competent.

The user of the month will be displayed on the spotlight page of our community website. Please check the spotlight page for more details.

Challenges and Solutions

Challenges faced

A user named Marsh, who utilizes Fillable Document, contacted us to inform us about the issue he encountered whenever he attempted to fill out and submit the form. The error he encountered was “Argument too large: subject”


In response to Marsh's specific situation, we advised him to limit the subject of the email template to 250 characters since it only supports a maximum of 250 characters. After making this adjustment, Marsh was able to effortlessly fill out and submit the form.


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