Fillable Document Newsletter for the month of December_2023

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Fillable Document Newsletter for the month of

December 2023

Fillable Document updates

Videos Spotlight: 

We've produced several videos showcasing the features of Fillable Document. Take a moment to explore these videos crafted by our team

Visually Build Fillable Forms video: Dive into the world of creative form-building with Fillable Document. Our latest tutorial shows you how to visually craft stunning forms without the hassle.

Document Template video: Dive into the world of efficiency with Fillable Document's Document Template feature. Wondering how to effortlessly create professional documents and streamline your workflow. Watch our latest video to discover the simplicity of Document Templates.

Note: Transform your business and achieve breakthrough results with our expert Professional Services, designed to help you harness the power of intelligent integration and hyper-automation.

The User of the Month - December 2023

Let's extend our congratulations to Brenden Stermer, who has been chosen as the User of the Month of December for Fillable Document. Brenden has been actively using Fillable Document since November 2020.

Here's what Sam thinks about Fillable Document:

"Fillable documents appears to be just what our company needs to streamline our report keeping team needs. The integration capability with google sites makes this a perfect fit for us."

You can find the User of the Month featured prominently on our community website's Spotlight page. For further information, please visit the Spotlight page.

Challenges and Solutions

Challenges faced

Marshal (name changed), a Fillable Document user, reached out to us with the following query:

"How do I copy/clone a complete form with the Fillable Document properties, data fields, formulas, etc?  I need to use the same form, with some minor changes to some of the dropdown lists and values of read only fields, but when I make a copy of the form sheet, I have to start the Fillable Form setup all over again and I have quite an advanced form with many fields and formulas."

Proposed Solution

Regarding Marshal's question, we have suggested a simple solution. We suggested him to use the Fillable Studio. With Fillable Store he can copy/ clone the forms as required. 


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