Sheet Director Newsletter for the month of February_2024

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Sheet Director Newsletter for the month of

February 2024

Sheet Director updates

New Release:

New Service Backup Tab

  • Introducing a New Service - Backup Tab Service in the Google Sheets app
  • Now you can schedule to take a backup of Google Sheets tabs
New object in Cin7 Omni
  • Introducing a New Object "Sales orders with Cartons" in Query Service

Videos Spotlight:

Welcome to our Video spotlight, where you can explore the magic of seamless integrations that can transform your workflow.

Integrate Google Sheets & Zoho Books: Check out this amazing video showcasing the seamless integration of Google Sheets and Zoho Books!

Integrate Google Sheets & Cin7Learn the power of integration with this tutorial video showcasing seamless connectivity between Google Sheets and Cin7.

Integrate Google Sheets & Engagebay: Check out this step-by-step tutorial on integrating Google Sheets and Engagebay.

Integrate Google Sheets & Asana: Check out this step-by-step tutorial on integrating Google Sheets and Asana.

You can see what is happening with the Sheet Director by following the What’s New page.

The User of the Month - February 2024

Join us in congratulating Uziel, selected as Sheet Director's User of the Month for February.

This is what Uziel thinks about Sheet Director:

"I like Sheet Director very much. I like that you can schedule the data download process. I found it was easy to use and that it solved my problem."

You can find the User of the Month featured prominently on our community website's Spotlight page. For further information, please visit the Spotlight page.

Challenges and Solutions

Challenges faced

Jade (name changed), an user of Sheet Director, reached out to us with the following query:

"I am using HubSpot integration in Sheet Director. I want to import into Google Sheets there I faced some issues

1. I want to sort the data by subject name, that the list is exported ASCENDING.

2. I want the new items to be added at the end of the list without eliminating the previous files. Refreshing period: 1 week"

Can you help me resolving this?

Proposed Solution

In response to Jade's specific use case, we have implemented the sorting & now sorting by subject can be done in both ascending & descending.

For the next question, Jade can utilize the Query service and maintain the scheduler for a week, ensuring that old records are not removed.

We have Scheduler Settings, Jade can enable this and can keep Interval as Weekly and adjust other values according to her preferences.

Read more about this from Sheet Director website @



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